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March 12, 2012

Create your own wall-e robot and rig its tank tracks in Maya

I am sure most of us watched Wall-e .If you also want to create and rig a Wall-e kinda robot here is a amazing tutorial for you by Anthony Ward. After watching this tutorial you can also create your own  wall-e  robot  and rig its tank tracks in Maya .

Anthony Ward a freelance digital artist and a animator will tell you how to rig a cute robot in Maya using  Maya expressions and demonstrates  the principals of rigging a rotation track .

Video 1: Creates a robot in Silo.

Video 2:Create the Wheels

Video 3:Add the Track

Video 4:Begin Rigging

Video 5:Animate The Tread

Video 6:Move the Tread with the Curves Position

Video 7:Move the Tread in Negative Space

Video 8:Add the Rest of the Tread

Video 9:Wheel Rotation & Final Rig Tweaks

Download scene files for this Maya tutorial (ZIP, 5.1MB)
Source: 3D World Mag